Temple Escape

In the game Temple Escape, the explorer accidentally touched the organ, and the entire ruins were about to collapse. On the way, there are many obstacles. This man has to jump over and down or slide under the obstacles. This man would finish this mission with a very handsome pose. Let us now follow the explorer to escape the temple and start a wonderful escape journey!

How to Play Temple Escape

Slide forward to make this man jump up,

Slide left or right to make this man change his runway,

Slide backward to make this man go through the bridge,

Collect the yellow diamonds.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

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In the game Temple Escape, this character is a real man who keeps running. And the particular feature of this game is there are kinds of actions for this man. Players can make this man jump over and down, change the runway, and slide through the obstacles. It's an interesting parkour game. Come on and test how far you can run!
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