Silly Jump

As one of the crazy games, the little boy entered a space to collect gold coins. In this mysterious space, the gold coins must be collected before the next entry can be opened. Now we will go to the game to help the little boys collect gold coins!

How to Play

Jumping: Do the right-click to start jumping over the deadly spikes.

Earning the coin: Do the right-click to start jumping to get the coin. Players need to jump quickly if there are several obstacles.

Moving to the following level: If players get all the coins, the wormhole will open to moving to your next level.


Web browser



Know more about VR Racing Game Silly Jump

Silly Jump is an amazing online HTML5 VR Racing Game. It is a difficult accuracy platformer with easy one key or touches controls, including an adorable little runner named Miguel. Silly Jump is outstanding amongst other VR Racing Games, where the Miguel runs from side to side of the screen continually. You have to make him seize the right chance to abstain from being left with sharp spikes coming out of the ground, yet without forgetting to collect gold coins, which will open the wormhole that will prompt the next level.
Although, don’t get fooled by its first level as it gets tougher with each passing level and becomes more challenging to reach the desired aim. You can play this VR racing game for free on and can easily find among the VR Racing Games list on the web. So, are you good enough to reach the end line? If, yes then do give it a try once.
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