The Pumpkin Man opened his crazy parkour mode, come help him to run all the way, avoid obstacles, collect pumpkins, run as far as possible, and like the little friends to hurry to challenge!

More informations about match 3 Pumpkin dash game

Pumpkin Crush is a traditional Match 3 game in Halloween colors. Destroy the pumpkins to reach your goals and pass the levels, quite simply. To play, use your mouse to swap two elements and create rows or columns of at least 3 pumpkins of identical color: they will then disappear and make way for those located above. You will have to reach three different kinds of objectives: make a minimum score, break ice boxes, or unlock locked pumpkins. Objectives can be combined for certain levels. Reach these objectives quickly so as not to exceed the time allotted by the clock or it's the end of the game! Try to make the most points by triggering chain reaction combos, the most effective way to increase your score! And since Pumpkin Crush is a score game, you know what you have to do! To play this Match 3 game, use your mouse to swap two pumpkins and create rows or columns of 3 or more identical elements. You will have to reach the objectives set for each level before the end of the clock. Pumpkin Crush is a score game, so remember to log in before starting a game if you want to participate in the ranking.
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