How to Play Pilot Heroes Game Online Free

Pilot the plane and try to collect all the precious stones. Make sure you don't hit the hot air balloons and the trees. You can also earn gems by saving the survivors of the sea crash, or by firing your plane. React quickly and see how far you can get in this fun air flight game!

 Informations about airplane game Pilot heroes

Pilot heroes is an excellent free airplane shooting game in which you will have to show all the skill of an exceptional pilot. To play and as in the Pilot heroes game, use the directional keys to pilot your plane and pass it in the circles displayed on the screen. Once again, your time will be limited by a time, so don't dawdle even if you take a few seconds to perform aerobatics. You have 5 additional lives but be careful, as soon as you come into contact with the slightest element present on the decor, you will be the victim of a fatal accident ...

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