A couple of tourists mistakenly think of a powerful pharaoh as a tour guide, and now they pay the price. The poor fellow's girlfriend was deceived by Pharaoh, and now you need to help him save his girlfriend from a dangerous pharaoh. There are many obstacles along the way, be careful. Come on!

Pharaoh is an ancient god of lies and fraud in Egypt. This game is entirely based on the Pharaoh, one of the fun Online Free Games built on HTML5. In this game, there is a tourist with his wife, who has on a trip to Egypt and finds a Pharaoh. He thinks of him as a tourist guide and asks Pharaoh to show them the Pyramids. So, Pharaoh cons the tourist and kidnaps his wife. After that, ask the man to find his wife and fight off him to get his wife. It is one of the excellent adventure Games for Kids that sharpen up their minds and let them solve the puzzles quickly.

The game will run on the flash drive, and very easy to play but hard to master. It has excellent graphics, and there are more similar games like this available for Play Games Online Free. So, check out the game now.
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