LEFT click on PLAY and NEW GAME to start the ninja parkour&running ninja game. Take part in the chase by pressing the UP ARROW arrow on the keyboard to JUMP. Press the SPACE key to interact or attack at the right time. LEFT click on UPGRADES then on the red bars to buy capacities and valid with BACK. LEFT click on the background to continue.

More information about Ninja Parkour Games & Ninja run unblocked

You will find that super ninja is control by yourself, and it will be up to you to see him reach his bivouac safe and sound, or not! Test your reflexes and your agility by reaching the end of this game as quickly as possible ... Once the Ninja is awakened, it's impossible to stop it in its mad rush: no obstacle or enemy will make it turn back. You will have to avoid him colliding with all kinds of obstacles. To do this, use the up key to jump, twice for a double jump from the second level. The down key will allow you to bend down and slide under certain traps ... An enemy in sight? Use the space bar to attack and destroy it. It will also be useful for smashing tree trunks and any other adversities encountered over the levels ... In short, Ninja course, course !!!

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