Flappy Bird

Flappy bird is flapping its small wings to fly and pass through the obstacles. There is only one channel, the bird needs to fly up and down in case touching the obstacles. It's a game that tests a player's reflex. Even though the game is no longer available on Google Play, players can play this game without downloading and registering. Win the champion medals!

How to Play Flappy Bird

Keep tapping the screen to make the bird fly,

Mind any obstacles, control the length of flying,

Once touching the obstacles, game over.


Web Browser(PC & Tablet & Mobile)

To be honest, the game "flappy bird" is a difficult game with simple operations. Players only need to slightly tap the screen to keep the bird flying. The difficulty is how high should the bird fly to pass through the obstacles and avoid any touch. The distance between the obstacles is different, players need to control the bird up and down quickly. So It really tests players' reflexes. Just click this game and test If you're a parkour winner.
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