How to play free online casino game fists of frenzy

You are on your own at fists of frenzy. The fists of frenzy will come after you from all directions and you need perfect timing to fight them off. Once they are right next to you, there is a small moment in time to kick in the direction of an attacker to neutralize him, before he is able to stab you. From time to time you fall in a frenzy that clears off all enemies at once and gives you some badly needed time to tense up and concentrate. The more enemies you managed to defeat, the cooler character you are able to unlock and play with. Be it a monk, the schoolgirl, a panda or even a robot - whatever you play, fun is guaranteed in this free online game. Play now!

Details of online casino game fists of frenzy

Fists of frenzy is a management game in which you will manage a casino and take care of customers by directing them to the gaming tables, slot machines, the bar or the gift shop ... To play, all you need is your mouse. As soon as a customer walks through the door of your establishment, observe their request and direct them to the post they wish to go to. For example, some customers will want to take money before going to play: click on those customers and take them to the distributors. Then have them take the elevator which will take them to the desired floor automatically. Be careful, the reputation of your establishment will quickly attract thieves ... It's up to you to unmask them before they steal your recipe! Click on it as soon as an exclamation mark appears and direct them to the security post. Note that the further you advance in the game, the higher your objectives will be, so you will need to maintain a good pace! Here is a new casino game: the Frenzy Casino game, which joins our large selection of games for girls and boys. To play, use your mouse to direct your customers around your casino and allow them to indulge in their passion: gambling!
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