A pitcher in the center of the diamond throws the ball at the batter who stands on the plate.The batter tries to hit the ball and cover the most distance by running around the diamond before the ball is picked up by the opposing team.The batter is "out" if a defensive player catches the ball or if a defender sends the ball to a teammate at the base that the batter is trying to reach. If a teammate on a base catches the ball before the batter hits it, the batter is out.

Why the floating ball shooting game Coreball become to popular ?
-Box 1 Bakugan to start or expand its collection.
What propos are in the game?
-Contents: 1 Bakugan, 2 hexagonal BakuCore cards, 1 Character card.
When the Floating ball shooting game Coreball becomes so popular
-A strong history on the brand, star of the 2010-2011 Recreation courses!
What’s the concept of this floating ball shooting game coreball?
-Unique concept: action figure, skill game, puzzle and collectable! Magic transformation mechanism for children. Bakugan marbles unfold and transform into fabulous creatures when sent correctly on magnetic hex cards. Epic fights for children!Each Bakugan is also a miniature puzzle: you have to learn to master its unique closing mechanism. A large variety of Bakugan to collect: 20 unique shapes available in multiple colors + rare ones randomly hidden.Sold individually. Random pattern.
Who is suitable for this floating ball shooting game Coreball
-From 6 years old.
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