The task of chasing the car came, and while the gold coins were being acquired, the car was blown up with a bomb. In the game, whenever you get gold coins or blow up the car, you will have a score reward. Let's catch up with the car and get high scores!

This is the  game which  was developed by Cyrille Leroy and Catch Up Games, illustrated by Marc-Antoine Allard, laid out by Clément Milker - Catch Up Games © 2014 Cyrille thanks: my half Marie-Jo and my son Vianney. Team Kawa (Fred, Caro, Thib, TiChris, Angèle and Lorelei), Séb “Joceran”, my great sister Céline, Franck and Sophia G, Jean-Charles, “Calo”, Delphine Michaux and Valentin, Nicolas and Sabrina Schlewitz and their gones. Lyse and Vincent, Anita and Garry, Xavier, Matt and Friend, Béa and Paulo, Valérie Perel. Guillaume Lemery, the teams and members of the Arras and Billy Berclau toy libraries, Mélanie Bridoux, Magali Viart and the students of the board games workshop at Collège Paul Verlaine de Saint Nicolas, Aurélien Dhesdin and his Dwarf Tavern. Julien Gaillet and the FM2J. Marco. Thank you all for this great adventure. Catch Up Games thanks Cyrille and Marco. Julien, Hugo, J-B, Séb and Marie. Gabriel Durnerin, Didier Delhez, Pascal Hugonie, Alexis Lainel. Les Aventuriers du Rhône and all players whose feedback has influenced the game. Clément thanks Anne-Lise and Marceau, Joël and Marie-Claude, the colleagues and friends who supported the project. Sébastien thanks Christiane, Daniel (RIP), Armelle and Jules, Djohor and Claude, Jérôme and all the friends.
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