A worldwide success that brings together millions of followers, the Candy game is creat by it’s a very interesting matching game that takes place in a confectionery. The overall objective of the game is to form identical candy combinations in order to collect as many points as possible.Your goal in the Candy Crush game is to successfully color the candy cane that is to the left of the playing surface by swapping candies to create horizontal or vertical lines consisting of 3 or more of the same color. You have the possibility of creating super candies by forming groups of 4 or 5 identical candies. These will allow you to collect several points when they explode.

The kinds of super candy crush game
There are different kinds of super candy,this candy game is similar with candy crush.but each with its own characteristics. Here's what each of them is.The striped candy appears when you manage to form a line of 4 candies of the same color. These then take the form of a striped candy. If the candy lines are vertical, when you form a line including this candy, it will allow you to remove all the candies from a column; if its lines are horizontal, the result will be felt on a line.You can create this type of candy by combining 5 identical L or T shaped candies. The wrapped candy will then have the effect of a bomb and will make disappear all the other candies around it when you combine it.
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