Fun agile game, you are driving at high speed on the road. In order to avoid collision with the vehicle in front, you have to blow them up. Now let's see how far you can run! !

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Burnin 'Rubber is an action-packed new chasing game that should make your adrenaline rush! What makes it so special is that the cars are equipped with guns ... Eliminate obstacles and vehicles that bother you, collect bonuses in order to cover the greatest distance possible. Finally, accumulating enough points will allow you to play with more powerful and better armed cars!

Burning 'Rubber is really a racing game We drive a red car, which we must take, after a qualifying lap, after a long circuit divided into checkpoints. Its length is such that it takes no less than three and a half minutes to complete a lap! You have to complete four to finish the race and also, at the same time, the game, since it has no other. It is an endurance race, and that because the real model of Burnin 'Rubber is none other than the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The cars are well recognized, with their rounded cockpit and their curved lines.

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