Alfie is a child in the mountains. Under the guidance of mysterious people, Alfie knows a mysterious forest. She is about to start a forest adventure, but the road ahead is full of thorns. How will Alfie survive, help her? Let's do it.

Know more about  free online adventure game Alfy

Alfy is a fun, engaging, pleasing, and addictive Best Free Online Adventure Game. It is a story of cute adorable Alfy, the youngest son of a wise and old forest spirit. He has gone on an adventure in the forest and solves the quest to reach the golden flowers. While you join little Alfy on this dangerous mission, remember that even though this Best Free Online Adventure Game looks simple and appears to engage kids, it includes some remarkable riddles which must be understood to reach the higher levels.
The game is smooth and sets aside definitely no effort to become acclimated to, it includes some cunning riddles and requires skills and brain in extent. With each degree of trouble and the danger will increment, so be incredibly cautious and gathered; otherwise, Alfy will die. Game Alfy is intended for players of all ages and has a considered storyline. So, play the free online adventure  Alfy game directly on the Internet. It doesn't require any registration and also available for free.
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