How can i play the game AirAttack.At the beginning of the game, the player starts with three planes, resembling the F4U Corsair, P-38 Lightning and P-40 Tigershark. They must choose one from the three and start their fight. The latter planes also use flamethrower and fireball. A flamethrower is used to burn all types of enemies while the fireball serves the plane as deflection from crashing into another planes with swift pivotal circulation. The player's plane has a primary weapon that fires continuously at a constant velocity that can attack aerial enemies, land enemies except the train, and certain buildings. The plane is manipulated by moving it along screen, possibly using mouse, tilting the device, joypad and relative touch (manual input sensitivity). Double tapping the screen drops a bomb that can destroy land enemies and buildings in order to collect coins. Shop also appears throughout the level. Player can enter it to buy gadgets such as homing rockets, super rockets, turrets, shields, side planes, lightnings, bombs that can destroy wider area, extra lives, cannons, and time-wraps

Air Attack Online Games
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