The mini-car can also play at home in the park, 100% true to restore the scene in the home, let you enjoy the excitement of the mini version of the car. In this car racing game, the player controls the car to avoid other vehicles and acquire enough stars within the specified time. There will be many props in the process to help you destroy other vehicles and get more stars! Come and feel the game!

More informations about car racing game Monster truck

Street car racing game is more popular than sport, but this course with a 4x4 should be classified alongside other games with 4x4! The goal is simple, the young woman must go home before the curfew ("curfew" in English), and therefore she is in a great hurry. She has the right to crush cars (!) But not those of the police, otherwise she starts the route again. At the same time if it crushes a pedestrian or if it turns over its 4x4. To move, up arrow to move forward, down arrow to move back, and left and right arrows for balance. Good girl (and boy) 's car racing game! The car racing game monster truck  is one of the only 4x4 games for girls! So ladies and ladies, get behind the wheel of your super car and get home as fast as your engine will allow you! To play, use the directional keys to steer and balance the vehicle.

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