This is a jumping car. Once it falls, the health will always drop, so the player's goal is to control the car to jump in the air, not letting it fall and jump in the air.

Know more about Car Racing Games Jumpy car

Jumpy Car is a bouncing Car Racing Games class where players need not let the vehicle down from the platform. It has cool features and graphics with a great soundtrack that engages the players most. It's a simple addicting Car Racing Games category in which players simply need to tap on the screen or mouse left click to jump the car and to drive on the platforms.
It is easy to play the game but very challenging to master as a mini second of late tap or click can drop your car to the ground. After your jumpy vehicle is out of the platform, it would be game over soon, and you need to restart the game to score again. It's getting popularity due to its level of difficulties and an excellent HTML5 build-up that benefits players with boosted vision alongside great understanding.
We suggest you must try this Jumpy Car game once, and you will find it engaging by yourself.

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